Thank You, Katie Couric … And Why Photographers Hate Smart Phones At Events

So there I am at the Cancer Care Gala photographing their MC for the evening, Katie Couric, with a young cancer survivor. Standing behind me are about 20-25 people with smart phones photographing away—a professional photographer’s nightmare! Katie never takes her eyes off my lens, but the young cancer survivor is looking all over the place and never at me. I ask the girl to look into my lens, but she is overwhelmed and confused. Katie sees that I’m have difficultly and finally stops me from shooting.

Politely, but firmly, she says to everyone, “Can we let the photographer take his photos first, then I’ll give you a chance to take a few photos. He as a job to do, and you are not making it easy for us.”

I finish my photos and thank Katie. Then I pick up my camera and, putting the lens to my ear, say, “Excuse me, Katie, I’m getting a call from my wife.” She laughs, I laugh, and everyone around us laughs!

Ben Asen Event Photo:Katie Couric, tv host, newscaster journalist. with cancer survivor at Cancer Care Gala

Cancer Care Gala with Katie Couric

Thank you, Katie Couric!

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