Bill Clinton: How I got this amazing photo!


The first time I photographed Bill Clinton was at a American Heart Association event with kids up at a school in Washington Heights, NYC. It was about 6 weeks after Clinton had his heart by-pass surgery and now the former Big Mac eating U.S. President was a national spokesperson for AHA along with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Huckabee was speaking about how after his heart attack he started eating healthier and exercising. President Clinton all of a sudden sat down in the bleachers with some of the students and started chatting away (nobody does it is better)! The press photographers were all aiming their cameras at Huckabee. I turned around and saw Clinton and the kids. I took 3 shots and when I saw that girl’s expression looking up at Clinton, I knew I had the shot. He immediately got up after that. I felt lucky that no one else had this image but me. It’s what the great French Photographer, Cartier Bresson says about capturing the image…he calls it The Decisive Moment. It certainly was!

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